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03 July 2020

The Council produced a District Plan (October 2018) for the development of new dwellings, to meet an assessed "need" through to 2033. The "need" was projected using historic trends adjusted for expected outcomes in relation to organic population growth and migration etc. I would like to see, please, the up to date forecasts, the council is now working to bearing in mind the original plan was based on data 3-4 years old, at the time. Please also provide details of adjustments made, since the plan was approved, to the "objectively assessed need" in the light of changes in forecast dwelling requirements e.g. in the latest ONS projections.

I would also like to understand how the Development Committee monitors on-going housing starts completions etc vs the phased plan or adjusted forecast. Please provide, a copy of your latest monitoring report comparing developments (complete/in progress etc) by town/area in East Herts vs the assessed, phased, need, to show progress made against the District Plan or revised forecast. In essence an "actuals vs forecast" report.


East Herts Council Response

23 July 2020

Thank you for your request for information, this has now been processed and the information that we hold is enclosed.

In response to your query on housing need, the following link takes you through to the evidence base used to support the District Plan during its examination:


The documents that will be of particular relevance are: HOP/001; HOP/011; and HOP/012. Those documents present the latest work that was undertaken to inform the District Plan. The Council has not done any further work on dwelling requirements due to the adoption of the District Plan in 2018, but also in recognition that any future plan-making would use the standard method to assess its housing need which is set by central government. More information can be found here regarding the standard method:


The District Plan, including the housing element is monitored annually through the Authority Monitoring Report – this can be found alongside the Five Year Land Position Statement on the Council’s website:



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Thank you for your request.