FOI Disclosure Log

Customer Request Details

11 September 2020

In view of the recent exponential increase in government spending due to the pandemic, we are advising and implementing various postal solutions to enable the public sector realise substantial savings on postal expenditure and services.

In order to enable us to offer these savings, we are, under the Freedom of Information Act, requesting the following information from you.

  1. Your postal spend in 2019 and projected spend for 2020 /2021 on the following - exact costs where possible or if unavailable please provide estimated costs –
  • Stamps
  • Franking
  • Royal Mail on line services
  • Royal Mail Postage Paid Impressions ( PPI )
  1. If using a franking system, please specify supplier and model
  2. Is the equipment owned or leased through the supplier or 3rd party finance house
  3. If the equipment is owned outright - the month, year and cost of purchase plus the annual maintenance and consumable costs
  4. If the equipment is leased - the month, year and term of lease plus quarterly / annual costs including maintenance and consumable costs
  5. What is the typical decision process within your organisation for mail and postal services ?
  6. Who is ultimately responsible for making decisions such as the allocation of contracts for postal equipment and expenditure ?
  7. Are you mandated to procure through a framework agreement and if so the name of the framework  

East Herts Council Response

12 October 2020

Thank you for your request for information, this has now been processed and the information that we hold is enclosed.

  1. Spend £67,516.12
  2. Published information in the Contracts Register
  3. Published information in the Contracts Register
  4. Published information in the Contracts Register
  5. Published information in the Contracts Register
  6. Leadership Team Decision
  7. Head of Strategic Finance and Property
  8. Yes through any framework accessible to the Council

If you have any queries or complaint about the processing of your request please do not hesitate to contact me.


Alternatively for more information on the Freedom of Information Act contact the Information Commissioner at:

Information Commissioners Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Telephone 0303 123 1113


It is important that you include the above FOI reference number on all correspondence related to this request.


Thank you for your request.