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02 March 2021

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New tree planting/replacement for those trees cut for various reasons.

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Hi, in the light of a lot of tree cutting for various developments in Bishop"s Stortford - or claiming that trees are terribly diseased (and wont last another minute), can you please let me know the balance of newly planted trees in Bishop"s Stortford in comparison to those taken down for various (and other creative) reasons please. It is well known that due to congestion in various areas pollution is quite high this needs to be balanced with new tree planting and replacing those that were cut down. What are the plans for trees cut down to be replaced? And what is the procedure? Who is the lead councillor on this please? Can locals be consulted or informed? What is the procedure?


East Herts Council Response

29 March 2021

Thank you for your request for information, this has now been processed and the information that we hold is enclosed.

Trees cleared or planted through developments on private land are considered as part of the planning process by Development Management (the Planning Department).  Developers are required to submit tree surveys and plans that show which trees are to be felled, which retained and landscape proposals for planting as part of their planning application.  Case Officers will decide what is appropriate for each development with advice from the Landscape Officer.  The development control officers might require special advice from our Arboricultural Officer or where they need consideration of a Tree Preservation Order.  Any decision through the planning process to allow the felling of trees already protected by TPO or in a Conservation Area overrule such protection.  Planning Officers may bring attention to our Arboricultural Officer of trees outside a proposed development that may require protection.

While we do not hold data specifically that details the numbers of trees felled vs number of trees planted Tree surveys as mentioned above are part of the documents published via our online planning portal. However for us to individually extract that information from each application would be far in excess of the 18 hour limitation outlined in the freedom of information act.

With regards to trees along the sides of the road this would fall under the remit of Hertfordshire County Council Highways who are responsible for trees along roads and footpaths and would remove them if they deem them dead or dangerous.

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