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22 March 2021

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East Herts Council Response

16 April 2021

Thank you for your request for information, this has now been processed and the information that we hold is enclosed.

  • Dog waste and litter bins are provided by the Council on its own parks and open spaces.  These bins are managed as part of the grounds maintenance contract.
  • Dog waste and litter bins requiring emptying are marked on the Council’s GIS system. They include all bins on the Council’s open spaces and some bins on land owned by Town and Parish Councils or other authorities, which may not otherwise be maintained as part of this contract. There are a small number of dog waste bins on the public highway which are including within the Contract for operational convenience.  However, litter bins on the public highway are not generally part of this contract.
  • Litter bins on the highway are managed separately by the Council’s shared waste partnership as part of their street cleansing arrangements.  A separate response has been provided to cover these.


  • The Council’s grounds maintenance contractor is based at Buntingford Service Depot.


  • Generally, dog waste and litter is collected separately from these two types of bin, stored at the Depot and disposed of separately.  There is a current temporary deviation from this arrangement whereby dog waste and litter are stored at a separate off site storage facility in Cumberlow Green and disposed of as part of one operation.


  • Litter and dog waste collected by the grounds contractor from parks and open spaces is currently taken by the grounds contractor’s contracted waste carrier to FCC Hitchin which is a transfer station. They bulk this up and put it onto an artic lorry and transfer it onto an incinerator in Kent.  The Environment Agency certify that the transfer company is entered in the register that they maintain under regulation 28 of the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 as an upper tier waste carrier, broker and dealer; registration number CBDU104360.


  • During bin emptying, the Contractor shall remove the plastic sack liner from the bin, and seal it to prevent any leakage. The contractor shall ensure that a replacement plastic sack liner is placed in the bin after emptying, and ensure the bin is securely locked and all lids are correctly closed before moving onto the next location.  The Contractor shall ensure that all plastic sack liners are strong enough to prevent splitting during use.
  • All collected bin liners are sealed into a second larger refuse sack.  For clarity; dog waste, whether combined with litter or not must effectively be double bagged before it is then deposited into the skip at the Depot.


  • As part of this Contract the Contractor may store an enclosed lockable skip for the transfer of dog waste at the Depot.  In accordance with the Council’s permit as approved by the Environment Agency, any skip containing animal waste must be emptied every 7 days or when it is full, whichever is the soonest. 
  • The Council is auditing the provision of dog waste and litter bins this year.  This may result in combining the collection of dog waste and litter into one operation, the rationalisation of bin numbers and locations and the replacement of some bins with larger volume and dual waste bins.  No changes have yet been determined.  The process will involve consultation with residents.



Waste from litter bins is collected and bulked with other street waste from litter picking and cleansing activities at depot in Buntingford. From here it is transported for disposal to Waterdale Transfer station and directed to one of a number of landfill sites or energy from waste facilities.

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