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09 July 2021

1) Please tell me how many people are currently on a waiting list for an allotment site managed by your local authority

2) In addition, for each of the 10 individuals most recently awarded a plot (at the time of this FoI), please state:

a) The number of days that elapsed between first contact with the council (i.e. submitting an application) and receiving their plot

b) The average waiting time (in days) of those ten applicants


East Herts Council Response

06 August 2021

Thank you for your request for information, this has now been processed and the information that we hold is enclosed.

Enclosed is the data we hold on the allotments we run. It should be noted that some other town parish councils etc will also have allotments so this is not a comprehensive list for the whole of East Hertfordshire

ALLOTMENT SITE CURRENT NUMBERS ON WAITING LIST  West Street37 Norwood Close 3 Both sites 19 Total 59    LAST 10 PLOTS AWARDED- COVERS BOTH SITES  DaysApplied 23/11/2018 Awarded 01/07/2019220Applied 14/06/2019Awarded 01/09/201979Applied 13/05/2019Awarded 01/09/2019111Applied 19/11/2019Awarded 09/03/2021476Applied 26/11/2019Awarded 15/03/2021475Applied 11/09/2019Awarded 19/02/2021527Applied 16/12/2019Awarded 06/04/2021477Applied 22/08/2019Awarded 09/02/2021531Applied 05/02/2020Awarded 16/03/2021405Applied 11/04/2020Awarded 17/05/2021401   Average days wait over both sites  370.2



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Thank you for your request.