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18 August 2021

I watched the podcast of yesterday’s licensing meeting at 2pm and I have to say that I do not believe that the concerns of residents, that you were very aware of, were not addressed regards both nuisance and safety.


I have spoken to my neighbours and none of them were aware this license had been applied for and none of them saw a blue notice at the premises 26A Northgate End so we as neighbours opposite and next door were not allowed to make any type of representation.


I do not believe that the required due process has been applied to this licensing application which has now been approved.


Can you please take this as a freedom of information request to let me know when the blue notice was issued and how many days was it displayed, giving dates, at the premises.

East Herts Council Response

07 September 2021

Thank you for your request for information, this has now been processed and the information that we hold is enclosed.

There is no requirement under the Licensing Act 2003 for the authority to check that a notice is on display.

The notice is due to go up the day after the application was made for 28 days. 

The authority however do visit the premises during the consultation period and view these where possible.

In this case an officer visited on 28th June 2021 and confirmed that the notice is present. I therefore attach the photographs.

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Thank you for your request.